At Fyfe we view ourselves as a partner with our clients and work toward developing long lasting relationships. 

We strive to nurture open communication channels and build strong, one on one client relationships that are founded on a commitment to delivering the very best service.

Energy and Resources

Fyfe delivers multi-disciplinary services to the energy and resources sector, backed by more than 18 years experience in the field. We operate in all phases of the project lifecycle and our teams deliver projects and programmes through a range of contracting strategies including EPCM, engineering and design, strategic consulting, personnel secondment and joint ventures.

Fyfe provides the energy and resources industry with a comprehensive suite of consulting, design and construction management services for oil & gas facilities, pipeline & flowlines, plants and compressor & meter stations.

The team at Fyfe understand the diverse technical and cultural demands involved in the oil and gas industry, and the global market factors that drive the industry. All work is backed by professional drafting and project management teams.

Fyfe’s related services include: