Water Industry Alliance appoints new Board of Directors

November 24, 2014

Philip Verco

At the recent AGM of the industry body, the Water Industry Alliance (WIA) held Tuesday 18 November 2014, it appointed a new Board of Directors.

Philip Verco, Technical Director – Infrastructure and Major Projects of Fyfe was elected to the Board as one of nine directors for 2015. The newly appointed Board of Directors is constructed of a range of professionals who bring a broad spectrum of skills and expertise across the water sector to the WIA. This provides a good platform for the essential input and guidance that the Board provides to shape the strategies carried out for industry.

Formed in 1998, the WIA is a cluster of over 160 water-related organisations across the private sector, research, training and Government, focused on sharing South Australia’s water expertise with the world. The combination of R&D, consultancy, engineering, technology, manufacturing, education, operations and commercial know-how provides the members of the WIA with a unique ability to offer proven, efficient and cost effective solutions, processes and equipment required by global markets.

The WIA CEO, Andy Roberts stated “The Water Industry Alliance has a strong track record of attracting outstanding individuals from industry to participate on the WIA Board, and this year was no different..... This year saw a strongly competed election, which has once again formed a well-equipped and professional Board to guide the WIA through 2015.”