Case Study

Acid Plant Vessel Inspection

Location: Confidential

Value: $110,000

Year: 2012

Brief Description

Fyfe were contacted by a client operating an acid plant. The client had significant concerns over the structural integrity of the refractory lining of their final absorption tower. However due to the costly nature of taking the tower out of service only a short shutdown window would be available to cool the vessel, inspect and assess the lining, and close up ready for re-start. Furthermore, not only was the atmosphere inside the vessel highly corrosive it was also dangerous to enter with approximately 300t of packing material being supported by a domed refractory roof – the same refractory layer that was of concern.

FYFE's Responsibility

Fyfe responded to the client’s issues in a very short timeframe, with a proposal to supply a high resolution scanner suitable for short range scanning from out-of-level mounting positions and capable of remote operation and live data streaming via a LAN connection.

Fyfe designed a basic scanner mount and devised protection measures for the scanner to enable the scanner to be set up outside the vessel and inserted through a DN600 nozzle without the need for personnel to enter the vessel.

Within 2 weeks of the clients initial request Fyfe designed a bespoke scanner mount, mobilised to site, completed the scanning and presented the results to the client.

The results of the laser scanning were far above the client’s expectation with a decision on corrective action being able to be made very quickly directly from viewing the scanning results with minimal post processing work.

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