Case Study

Upper Kedron Housing & Community Development

Location: 424 Levitt Rd, Upper Kedron Queensland

Scope: Town planning services, survey services, project management

Year: May 2009–October 2010

Brief Description

A two-stage development application, under Brisbane City Plan 2000, gained approval to reconfigure a 6.88 ha subject site into 52 lots, with a new road and parkland, to service an emerging community area and ensure that future houses would not require further development approval from Council.

FYFE's Responsibility

  • Surveyors and town planners, in collaboration with a building company, designed a layout to maximise the number of lots on the subject site zoned emerging community and rural area, areas that, under the planning scheme, generally consist of larger rural residential style lots.
  • Created a development of smaller lots by demonstrating how lots and houses would achieve Council’s desired planning outcomes, therefore bypassing the zoning constraints to achieve approval.
  • Overcame traffic, infrastructure and vegetative constraints through discussion and negotiation with relevant experts and Council.
  • Prepared a structure plan for the area for Council, that projected development of the surrounding emerging community area and how this development fits within the structure.
  • Collaborated with civil engineers, traffic engineers, ecologists, Department of Transport and Main Roads, Department of Environment and Resources Management, and Brisbane City Council, to ensure high quality project management and a successful outcome for the client.
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