Civil Construction

Survey services for civil construction range from conceptual subdivision layout and project management to accurate end-of-month volume surveys to consolidate bulk material volumes.

Services include:

  • Conceptual subdivision layout and head works
  • Project management of surveying and engineering works.
  • Detail Surveys presenting existing infrastructure and surfaces models as a base for design, backed by a professional drafting team that can provide detailed plans in the client’s preferred CAD format.
  • Engineering Survey for design, construction set out, and as-built surveys at construction completion.
  • Machine Guidance Support including setting up control for construction, creating design surface models, and daily monitoring of the plant operator’s data.
  • Surveying by Laser Scanning, which reveals extremely accurate surface detail capturing data at more than a million points a second.
  • All methods of Global Positioning System survey: RTK GPS, a very time and cost effective approach for capturing detail and for bulk earthworks set out and monitoring; Static GPS survey for accurate solutions over large distances and ideal for work in remote areas.
  • Accurate End of Month Volume Surveys to consolidate bulk materials volumes.