Fyfe Environmental provides practical and cost effective solutions for contaminated land assessment and remediation projects. The highly experienced national team of scientists and engineers is dedicated to responding professionally and rapidly with a service customised to your requirements.



Contamination and Remediation


There are many reasons for determining the contamination status of a piece of land:

  • as a part of a financier’s property valuation process if title to the land is being used as security
  • for a planning authority on rezoning to a more sensitive land use
  • requested by the environmental regulator following a polluting incident
  • for internal purposes, including showing if land is safe for employees or the public, establishing asset values for the corporate balance sheet and budgeting for environmental costs when a site is to be upgraded

Assessment services:

  • Preliminary (desktop) site investigations
  • Detailed site investigations
  • Landfills, landfill gas and soil vapour studies
  • Human health and ecological risk assessments
  • Hydrogeological and geochemistry studies
  • Groundwater monitoring programs
  • Waste classifications


Site contamination may need to be remediated following a spill incident, to clear part of a site for a new development or upgrade, or to meet a corporate policy of not owning or operating on contaminated sites. Frequently a site is remediated so that it can be redeveloped for a new, more sensitive, land use such as a residential development.

Remediation services:

  • Remediation design and remedial action plans
  • Soil and groundwater remediation
  • Underground storage tank removal
  • Validation of remedial works
  • Emergency incident response

Fyfe can assist with all aspects of a site remediation project.

Auditing and due diligence

Fyfe’s EPA-appointed statutory environmental auditors are experts in streamlining the sign-off of your statutory and regulatory projects. Such requirements commonly arise after a polluting event, or when a landowner seeks to redevelop industrial or other potentially contaminated land for a more sensitive use, such as residential.

Auditing and due diligence services:

  • Statutory environmental auditing – land use changes and enforcement actions
  • Expert witness – site contamination and remediation
  • Sign-off of sampling and analysis plans and remedial action plans
  • Portfolio risk assessments and gap analyses
  • Quantification of environmental liabilities
  • Due diligence for mergers and acquisitions

Environmental data management

Gone are the days when field staff record information by hand for subsequent keying in and matching with laboratory data. Fyfe is a leader in GIS use and application, and environmental data management. Fyfe’s fully automated, paperless systems allow field and laboratory data to be generated and reported electronically. The Fyfe system substantially improves staff efficiencies and reduces transcription errors, yielding lower cost and higher quality data gathering and reporting in shorter timeframes.

Environmental data management services:

  • Customised environmental databases – cloud and server options
  • Paperless environmental monitoring and reporting
  • Environmental and incident management integration

Download Environment Contamination and Remediation Service Sheet (PDF, 267kb)