Automation and instrumentation services and solutions for industrial and municipal customers are the focus of Fyfe’s Automation Division. Our highly trained engineers and technicians have many years of experience in a wide array of automation and instrumentation hardware and software.


Controls and Automation

Fyfe's controls and automation services and solutions cover a wide range of detail dsiciplines, from remote support and control system interfacing to Trade Waste electronic monitoring and data collection systems. The key industry areas in which fyfe provides automation solutions include;

  • Resources - mining quarries, oil and gas
  • Potable water and wastewater treatment
  • original equipment manufacturers
  • Food and beverage manufacturers
  • Manufacturing, transport logistics and materials handling


Fyfe offers controls and automation services and solutions in:

  • Automation and process control system FEED
  • Electrical process control functional description and topology development
  • Electrical control system detailed design and AutoCAD drafting
  • PLC and HMI programming and SCADA or standalone data acquisition integration
  • Industrial networking via various communication protocols, process and control systems integration
  • Telemetry, cellular communications, remote process monitoring and control via smart phone or tablet, remote system support
  • PID control loop (closed loop) implementation and tuning; advanced process control including gain scheduling
  • Variable speed drive, soft starter and PLC control of motors for various industrial applications
  • Electrical safety systems, safety PLC programming and implementation (from CAT/SIL 1–4)
  • Instrumentation system optimisation, smart transmitter programming, documented calibration and verification
  • System commissioning, hands-on process optimisation and staff training
  • Engineering technical support, fault finding and control system problem solving
  • Electrical equipment for hazardous areas services

Download the Fyfe Controls and Automation overview Service Sheet (PDF, 163kb)