With extensive experience in working with groundwater, Fyfe provide a broad range of services in groundwater assessment and management, with the overall objective of protecting and preserving this valuable resource.



Groundwater and Hydrogeology

Fyfe possesses an understanding of the importance of the management of regional and urban groundwater resources. Water resource development, agricultural land use, acid sulphate soils, urban and commercial development, mining and plantation forestry can all threaten groundwater dependant ecosystems and, in some cases, human health.

The Fyfe Environmental Team comprises Environmental Scientists, Environmental Engineers and Hydrogeologists who are highly trained in the monitoring and assessment of groundwater, and can provide expertise and capabilities in the following:

  • Groundwater Management Plans
  • Groundwater monitoring well network design
  • Drilling supervision and monitoring well installation/development
  • Groundwater Monitoring Events (GMEs)
  • Contamination assessments
  • Groundwater gauging, sampling and analysis
  • Physical, chemical and geochemical data collection, management and interpretation
  • Aquifer tests including:
  • > Pumping tests (constant-rate, step-drawdown and recovery)
  • > Rising and falling head tests (slug tests)
  • > Constant-head tests
  • Assessment of physical aquifer properties (transmissivity, hydraulic conductivity, storativity , specific yield and porosity)
  • Groundwater modelling for remediation strategies and risk assessment, including simple one and two dimensional to 3-D fate & transport and water balance modelling
  • Groundwater remediation strategy design and implementation
  • Ongoing groundwater management

Download Groundwater Assessment Service Sheet (PDF, 218kb)