Mapping & GIS

Fyfe’s Geographic Information Systems (GIS) and mapping services offer a broad range of enterprise geospatial solutions in multiple GIS formats.

The Fyfe GIS team are a highly qualified, multidisciplinary group with a wide variety of experience in the application of GIS solutions. This includes GIS database development and management for uses such as; Business Management, Asset Management, Surface Generation and Analysis, Environment Investigations, Locational Analysis and Planning. The Fyfe team achieve this through the use of leading GIS processes and analysis techniques within a variety of GIS packages.

The latest in Mapping and Cartographic Modelling techniques are employed to provide for any mapping or visualisation requirements. Utilising imagery of the earth and importing GIS data the map can convey the analysis results or ‘your message’ in an easy to understand 3d or 2d visualisation. The map can be provided in either, hard copy print or in a digital format. Furthermore, the map may also be provided in an interactive format using free GIS data viewer software.

The Fyfe GIS team can provide for your GIS and mapping needs from full GIS development to support and customisation of your existing GIS.

Services Include:

  • GIS Database Management
  • GIS Database Editing and Investigation
  • GIS Analysis
  • GIS Surface Models and Analysis
  • Cartographic Mapping and Modelling
  • GIS Desktop Studies

Download GIS Service Sheet (PDF, 242kb)