Supply & Demand, Demographic and Quantitive Analysis

Fyfe is highly skilled and experienced in the undertaking of a wide range of quantitative analyses, including:

  • land and housing supply and demand analyses;
  • residential, commercial and industrial market sector analyses;
  • retail and commercial floorspace and turnover analyses;
  • education, health and community facility needs analyses;
  • population, housing and demographic trends and projections; and
  • employment, workforce and journey to work trends and projections.

These skill sets have been utilised in a myriad of circumstances, from metropolitan wide trends and projections underpinning strategic decision-making of State and Local Government; regional studies which define the land take requirements of different land use groupings as an input into policy documents, to the analysis of individual precincts or sites in support of major investment decisions.

Some key project examples include the Growth Investigations Areas Study and the 30 Year Plan for Greater Metropolitan Adelaide. Theses linked projects involved a comprehensive analysis of residential, commercial and industrial markets, population and employment growth projections, and evaluation of alternative growth precinct options for the accommodation of that growth and the definition of preferred location and dimensional requirements of the preferred growth precincts. Other examples include the Litchfield Social Infrastructure Assessment for DLPE.