Successful businesses comply with licensed conditions and trade waste permits. Fyfe’s Automation Division has developed a complete monitoring framework system that can be customised to satisfy individual trade waste discharge permits issued by SA Water.


Trade Waste Electroinc Monitoring and Data Collection System (TWEMS)

Trade waste electronic monitoring and data collection system (TWEMS) ensures that all requirements of monitoring, data collection, alarms, telemetry and web based display comply with SA Waters’ discharge permits. The modular system can easily be upgraded to facilitate future requirements and has been specifically designed to interact with SCADA systems that you currently use or intend to implement in future.

All programming and interfacing is customised to satisfy your requirements. Instruments for monitoring can be specified, supplied, calibrated and installed to provide a turnkey solution, if requested. Instrumentation and wastewater is part of our expertise.

Flow rate and volume, pressure, level, temperature, pH, conductivity, turbidity, COD, H2S, and hydrocarbons can all be measured, monitored, recorded and presented as per licence requirements. We are an independent process instrumentation supplier and can provide unbiased advice and instrument specification.

The TWEMS package comprises:

  • A packaged data aquisition, recording and communications system, housed in a weather proof enclosure, with 24 hour trending if requested
  • Up to 32 analogue inputs with digital display and various digital IO options
  • Automated SMS out to specified phone numbers
  • Application specific instrumentation for measuring your trade waste

Other options for TWEMS packages include:

  • Uninterruptable power supply (UPS)
  • Cost effective SCADA system
  • Automated email
  • Trend graph displays
  • Software display of active alarms and alarm history
  • Software mimic panel displaying tour trade waste system
  • Optional control processing equipment
  • Your own domain name
  • Remote data aquisition in .csv format
  • Local display of SCADA/HMI - various options available

Download Trade Waste Electronic Waste Monitoring and Data Collection Service Sheet (PDF, 245kb)