Land development is an evolving process, subject to changing regulations and market conditions.



Urban Development

Urban sprawl has prompted a recent focus on urban renewal to revamp commercial districts and revitalise city precincts. This focus presents unique challenges to us as engineers, architects, planners and environmental consultants.

Fyfe’s single and focused urban development group blends several historically independent disciplines and works to resolve potential conflicts and create effective living communities – maximising occupancy while providing space and amenity. Fyfe’s Infrastructure Services Business Unit works collaboratively with the Property Services Division, to enhance the rigour and professionalism of our services. We utilise the vast experience of the Fyfe/Connor Holmes Planning Division and the very experienced Fyfe Land and Survey Division. All elements all work together in a complete urban development offering for developers and the wider community.

Our approach ensures that people live, work and interact with the environment, experience high standards of amenities, open space planning, and variation and blending of style, and have access to services.

Across high profile resort developments, award-winning new residential, community title, retirement estates, commercial and business areas, recreational facilities design, to major metropolitan redevelopments, we provide:

  • feasibility and pre-investment studies
  • project management
  • road and street designs and upgrades
  • subdivision infrastructure design and coordination
  • high density residential civil infrastructure for retirement estates, community title and transit oriented developments (TOD)
  • mining and construction accommodation camps
  • earthworks, fill management and road works design
  • hydrology and hydraulics
  • wetlands and detention/retention systems (WSUD), including aquifer storage and recovery
  • stormwater management and water quality
  • marina and waterfront development
  • sewerage and CWMS systems and effluent treatment and reuse
  • pumping stations and water supply
  • transport planning, traffic studies, traffic engineering
  • contaminated land assessment and remediation
  • Santos contamination land auditing
  • design and documentation of soil and sediment erosion control plans
  • geotechnical investigations and pavement design
  • preparation of tender and contract documentation
  • calling and assessing tenders
  • contract administration and quality surveillance
  • risk identification, assessment and management
  • environmental management

Download Civil Engineering - Urban Development Service Sheet (PDF, 252kb)